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● read the room ● read between the lines ● be considerate

in the making を使った例文

  1. Read the room, Sara. No one here is interested in talking politics right now.

  2. Tom is good at reading the room when he is performing.

  3. John said that everything’ was fine, but reading between the lines I suspect he has some problems at school.

  4. Don’t believe every thing you hear or read literally. Learn to read between the lines.

  5. He is the most considerate man I have ever met.

  6. Kim has been my best friend since I was a little girl. She is the most caring and considerate person I have ever met.

  7. My boss is always polite and considerate to her employees.






【学校で学ぶ envy という単語について】 ● envy 意味 ➡ (動詞)うらやましがる (名詞) うらやましさ ● 発音記号 ➡ /énvi/  ● 音節 ➡ en・vy 「うらやましい」envyを使わない表現4つ I am so jealous. Great! Awesome! Lucky you!

【フレーズ】to each his own

英語便利フレーズ【to each his own】 ● 意味 ➡ 人それぞれ、人による ● to each their ownとも言えます。each to his own のように toとeachが入れ替わることもあり。 to each his own を使った例文 I would never wear pants that are this tight, but well, to each hi


発音に悩む英単語【facetious】 ● 意味 ➡ (形容詞) ふざけた、おどけた ● 発音記号 ➡ /fəsíːʃəs/  ● 音節 ➡ fa・ce・tious facetious を使った例文 Please stop being facetious. (ふざけるのはやめて。) He made some facetious remarks in the meeting. His boss

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